Compare Heating Oil Suppliers

Heating Oil Supplier Reviews Comparison for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you are new to using heating oil to heat your home, you may be finding it quite daunting when looking for trusted heating oil suppliers that deliver in your local area. Let us try to point you in the right direction...

Things to consider when ordering home heating oil (Kerosene 28):

  1. The minimum delivery quantity is 500 litres in England, Scotland and Wales (some Northern Ireland based suppliers can deliver from 300 litres but few advertise this fact due to weights and measures regulations).
  2. There are 3 main types of heating oil delivery tankers.
    Standard tankers - used when there are no access restrictions, such as narrow lanes with no turning points.
    Small tankers / 4 wheel tankers - usually used where access is difficult or where a tight turning circle is required.
    Baby tankers - these are used where access is every difficult often in remote areas such as Cornwall.
  3. Some (but not all) heating oil suppliers offer a great rate to new customers, but then inflate the prices to their loyal customers. So always shop around or use a trusted heating oil price comparison website.